Why we choose Organic Hemp:

  • Conventional hemp is widely considered  natural fabric, with low impact and no additional irrigation needed to grow.
  • Easily adaptable to all types of soil, organic hemp is appreciated by growers as it leaves behind excellent quality, weed-free soil at the end of each season.
  • By blending this conventionally rigid fibre with our FSC-certified viscose it transforms into a luxurious fabric with soft drape and hand feel.
  • A champion of biomass production worldwide (10 tons per hectare in 4 months compared with 1,5 tons per hectare per year for wood), it produces four times more paper than trees. A member of the bast fiber family, hemp contains over 75% of cellulose and 10 to 12% of lignin (compared with 60% and 30% respectively for wood) (1).