A necessary component of any wardrobe. As conventional denim requires intensive amounts of water and toxic chemicals, we set out to find a supply chain that is focused on addressing these issues. 

Our Denim

We partnered with Candiani, an Italian denim mill who has been perfecting their craft since 1938. Being located in a nature reserve has shaped their determination to innovate in a way that would actively support their area’s biodiversity. Our partner:

Adresses water consumption by: 

  • Prioritizing production practices that allow them to reuse water. 
  • Researching and developing dyes and technologies that reduce their consumption. Their latest innovation is called Sound Dye technology, a method that uses ultrasounds to rinse the yarn during dyeing. This saves about 28.5% of water, during dyeing alone, when compared to traditional methods. 

Addresses toxic chemicals by: 

  • Sourcing the highest quality fibers, favoring traceable and transparent suppliers.
  • Adhering to best in class chemical standards including GOTS, ZDHC, and REACH, which prohibit the use of all chemicals that are classified as harmful to humans and the environment.

Our denim uses premium organic cotton all woven, dyed, and finished in Robecchetto Con Induno, Italy at Candiani. Learn more about why we use organic cotton here.