A necessary component of any wardrobe, we've not only created our own denim collection made in 100% premium organic cotton, we've also created a special upcycled collection on archival vintage Levi 501s.

Why Cotton Denim?

  • Crafted in 100% Premium Organic Cotton
  • Processed by our GOTS-certified Italian Mill who measures their impact and uses data to push the industry forward. They've developed innovative dye technologies that significantly reduce their energy and water consumption, allow for plastic-free dyeing, and adhere to best in class chemical standards.
  • Our mill strengthens the yarn during production using a plant-based compound that is biodegradable, non-toxic, and PVA free, allowing for a plastic-free dyeing process.

Why Upcycled Denim?

  • Producing one NEW pair of Levi jeans requires a staggering 3781 liters of water.1
  • We found one of the world’s best collectors of vintage denim and worked with their sample maker to develop this collection.
  • All of the denim in the collection is pulled from the 80-early 90’s.
  • Each pair is custom, made in the USA and 100% cotton. While we chose similar styles, each piece is unique with custom alterations.