Linen is heralded by many as a natural fabric, with low impact and no additional irrigation needed to grow. We choose European grown flax because it is guaranteed to be 100% made in Europe, produced with exceptional, age-old European skill and knowledge and made by companies with corporate social responsibility. With the flax growing close to our textile mills also in Europe allowing us to reduce the carbon footprint of our linen garments.

Why We Choose European Linen

  • The Masters of Linen mark means that the fabric is made from 100% high quality European flax, entirely grown and processed in Europe.1
  • The Masters of Linen mark is a registered mark defined and managed by the European Confederation of Linen and Hemp. It should be noted, that they are the only European agro-industry organization, federating all of the stages of production and transformation for linen and hemp. In addition, they also act as a spokesperson for the European businesses involved in the production of linen, from plant to yarn to fabric.2
  • The Masters of Linen mark is a sign of excellence for linen made entirely in Europe. For cloth to obtain this mark, every single step of its processing must be carried out in Europe. To ensure 100% traceability, all spinners and weavers commit to a stringent set of rules. Consequently, these rules define their methods of production and sourcing. Every year the association performs audits to monitor their activities. In other words, they ensure that excellence is maintained.3

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