At Another Tomorrow, we are committed to providing the greatest degree of transparency we can about each of our pieces.

To do so, we have partnered with the Internet of Things company, EVRYTHNG, to create a unique digital identity for every single one of our pieces.

We link each unique digital ID to a database of information about how the piece was made and assign it a QR code placed on the care label that you can activate simply by using the camera app on your mobile device. When activated, a webpage pops up that visualizes the piece’s provenance journey and provides you key sustainability facts.

Here is the provenance journey from one of our Seamed Waist Jackets.

That means if two pieces look identical, but are made by different ateliers or use different material sources, this will show up in the provenance data you will see. For that reason, we include only the high-level sustainability information on our ‘shop’ pages while providing granular detail using this technology.

We hope that this technology and the information it enables us to provide is useful for you and look forward to hearing your feedback.