A Letter From Our Founder


Dear Another Tomorrow Community,

As the year draws to a close, I approached this uniquely contemplative last week of the year invoking a process of: reflection, grace, gratitude, intention, commitment, and action.

And, as an entrepreneur, a good (perhaps excessive) amount of what has been on my mind has been our journey this last year at Another Tomorrow and our ambitions and commitments for the year ahead.

With deep gratitude for your partnership on our journey, I share my thoughts and highlight some of the work that many of you have directly made possible through your support.


Our wonderful team and partners accomplished so much this year. 

Coming from outside the industry, one of the most remarkable aspects of fashion for me continues to be the unbelievable degree of collaboration required to bring excellence to life. I am proud of and honored to work with this team and share some of their accomplishments.

The birth of a new collection:

Our Creative Director, Elizabeth Giardina, released her first collection in Spring/Summer 2023 to critical and customer acclaim. I could not be more proud of the exquisite evolution of design under her creative leadership and furthering of our rigorous sustainability standards. 

A commitment to The Foundation:

Alongside Liz's stunning new contributions, we formalized our commitment to The Foundation, our evergreen modern wardrobe essentials, with a year-long campaign by Carolyn Murphy, who has become a true friend and resolute conspirator in furthering sustainability in fashion.  Within The Foundation, expanding upon our roots in tailoring, you can now also find the best leggings I have ever worn and our cult classic denim. Acting on our impact commitments:

  • Launched a knitwear collection in partnership with Lake Hawea Station, a regenerative farm in New Zealand that net sequesters carbon, and which will become the source for much of our wool going forward
  • Released our Seacell collection of tee shirt and lounge essentials, crafted with skin nurturing Icelandic seaweed alongside our partner, Pyratex
  • Completed our recertification as a B Corp with a 17pct increase in our score
  • And behind the scenes we kicked off “just-in-time” manufacturing process for our essentials as part of our commitment to waste reduction

"2024 is about focus. I want to focus on perfecting our assortment and also introduce new materials and techniques aligned with our mission."

- Elizabeth Giardina, Creative Director

Expanding our partnerships:

You can find Another Tomorrow more places than ever before, with new exceptional new partners Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi, Holt Renfrew, and Farfetch

We are beyond grateful for the recognition we have received this year from Fast Company’s Brands That Matter to Wallpaper’s 300 Names To Know to beautiful recent coverage by Emily Chan in Vogue for our commitment to excellence at the intersection of design, innovation and sustainability.


I struggle to find a perfect definition of ‘grace’ and yet I am committed to this word and what it represents for me.I have been sitting in deep appreciation for the incredible heart, integrity, hard work, and humanity our talented team and partners bring to this mission.Sometimes we make decisions that turn out to be less than ideal (for example when we changed our packaging briefly in May in an attempt to save on the waste of hangers, which led to a truly suboptimal customer experience for a month - thank you for your understanding) and we are sometimes hard on ourselves for the learnings in the pursuit of excellence.I see and experience grace in reflecting on the truly human and heart-led commitments our team makes every day to relentless progress.


A constellation of customers, community, investors, collaborators from farms to ateliers to materials science labs is the life-force of this company. I find it to be a miracle of sorts and greet the new year together with a renewed sense of awe, appreciation, and ambition.


We hold deep intention to continue to serve you and our shared planet delivering exquisite product at the intersection of excellence in design, innovation, and sustainability with novel business models that approach growth with integrity.In doing so we intend to continue listening to you and to further the connections and expanse of our community in the spirit of collective progress - and some levity and joy.


We will continue to perfect the design and service we offer.And we are specifically:

  • Redoubling our commitments to circularity through our Authenticated Resale model 
  • Continuing to expand the use of regenerative fibers through our “farm to closet” sourcing model
  • Launching an innovative leather alternative we have been working on for years
  • Playing with ways in which we can marry our foundational wardrobe philosophy with the expressive fashion elements of our collection without generating waste, including trialing made to order models for parts of our seasonal collections

And, in your thoughtful responses to our annual survey and focus groups, we heard the chorus of demand to reconnect with us in person and are currently scouting a new retail location in New York City.


It’s what matters. And so we begin 2024 refreshed and anew, with you. 

With love, gratitude, and warm wishes for a wonderful year ahead,

Vanessa Barboni Hallik,

CEO & Founder of Another Tomorrow