Our Philosophy

We view our suppliers as partners and are proud to manufacture our garments in Italy and Portugal. We keep our supply chains as short as possible by maintaining proximity with our mills and working exclusively with those who share our values of paying living wages, treating workers with respect, and providing safe, comfortable working conditions.

Global Labor Statistics

Stat. 1

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation states that globally, the clothing industry employs more than 300 million people along the value chain, including people that work in design, distribution and retail divisions of the fashion industry.

Stat. 2

Between 2021 and 2022, 141 workers died and over 800 were injured in garment, textile and related factories in Pakistan, India, Egypt, Morocco, China, and Cambodia.

Stat. 3

Although women represent around 80% of the workforce in the garment sector worldwide, they are concentrated in the lowest-paying, lowest-skilled occupations.

How We Are Putting It Into Action

The human rights abuses inherent in many fashion supply chains have been well documented. These abuses which do not bypass the luxury segment of the industry. The much-coveted “Made in Italy” label is no guarantee of fair conditions for workers, which is why we have personally visited each of our facilities to ensure they meet both our environmental and social criteria.

Our supplier relationships

We intend to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and use these visits as a way to get to know them, an effort which they have appreciated and deeply value. Despite many of our facilities having been in operation for decades, some had never once been visited by a client.

Our commitment to living wages

We are committed to ensuring that each of our workers is paid a living wage or more. We have consulted extensively in creating our living wage policy and commit to reviewing and updating it annually to account for increases to the cost of living.

A note on transparency

While we whole-heartedly support the industry-wide movement towards greater transparency in fashion supply chains, we have chosen not to share the full address details of our cut-and-sew suppliers here due to safety concerns - both that of stock security, but also because in a number of cases the homes of the factory owners adjoin their facilities and it would not be appropriate to disclose their addresses. For specific queries about any of our facilities, please contact the team.

How We Can Do Better

While paying living wages and ensuring safe working conditions is far better than the norm for the industry, we don’t believe this is enough. As we grow stronger as a company, our goal is to pay bonuses to our manufacturers, provide financial assistance for training, and invest in programs supporting the most vulnerable women and girls in the global apparel industry.