The conventional supply chain of this popular cellulosic fiber is riddled with issues, from deforestation of ancient and endangered woodlands at the raw material level to excessive chemical use in its processing. We’ve worked hard to understand and trace our viscose supply chain down to the raw material level to ensure that it does not contribute to these issues.

Why We Choose FSC Certified Viscose

  • We use a single source viscose warp yarn for our materials, which comes from a fully traceable supply of wood pulp in Sweden.
  • The FSC runs a global forest certification system which demands that wood, paper, and other forest products are sourced from well-managed forests and / or recycled materials. The certification covers forest management and tracing the wood through all stages of production and distribution.
  • FSC is collaborating with global NGO to ensure that the growing demand for forest-based textiles contributes to the sustainable management of forests rather than driving deforestation in ancient woodland, as well as promoting the welfare of workers worldwide. 1
  • In addition to this, following a request from leaders at major global fashion retailers, FSC is working with key players in the industry to achieve the first complete certified textile supply chain. Through this work, the FSC hopes to demonstrate that it can be used as a tool to ensure traceability from well-managed forests to textile companies. 2
  • In the case of our supply chain, Swedish Government legislation demands practices that go above and beyond the conditions set out by the FSC. This includes protections for biodiversity, as well as mandating reforestation programs in areas where companies are operating in Swedish forests.
  • We’ve visited the source of our wood pulp in Sweden and feel reassured having seen the supply chain first-hand that it meets our criteria.