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Each of our pieces is a journey rooted in respect for the Earth and compassion for its inhabitants. Arriving where we are today took a lot of curiosity, persistence, and love--and we still have much work to do. Thank you for joining us.

We look forward to sharing our philosophy, business principles, policies, and sourcing practices and, in turn, hope you will share your values and challenge us along our way.

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V. Barboni Hallik

Founder & CEO


Materials We Use

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European Linen

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Ethical Wool

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Recycled Polyester Buttons

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Corozo Buttons

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Ethical Wool

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FSC Certified Viscose

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Organic Cotton

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Renewed Denim

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GRS Recycled Cashmere

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Materials We Don't Use

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Conventional Cellulosic Fiber

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Conventional Viscose

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Conventional Cotton

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Virgin Cashmere

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Where We Produce

We view our suppliers as partners

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The Details Matter

Intent is not enough. Operating with sustainability and compassion requires sound operational processes and procedures, and a culture of accountability. We’re happy to share the policy documents underpinning several of our core principles.

Read Our Policy Documents

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Environmental Welfare

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Human Welfare

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Animal Welfare

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