From remote mountains to pristine coasts, Tasmania (Australia’s southern island state) is home to unique plants and animals which are found nowhere else in the world.

Despite Tasmania’s iconic national parks, much native wildlife relies on the critical habitat that occurs only on private land for their survival and are under threat of disappearing forever. With pressures including introduced species, habitat decline and climate change, urgent action is needed.

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) safeguards habitat and rare ecosystems by buying private land and creating new reserves for conservation. As well as protecting and managing their own reserves, the TLC supports landholders to protect nature on their properties, while partnering with organisations to achieve nature conservation.

But buying land is just the beginning. Managing these reserves for nature means monitoring the condition of important flora and fauna and the broader environment, and adapting management practices to give species and habitats the best chance to thrive.

Another Tomorrow has selected the TLC as its Environmental Welfare cause, pledging support to establish and grow the Another Tomorrow Fund in the TLC Foundation (a capital endowment) enabling the long-term protection and management of the TLC’s nature reserves.