CARE is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. With 75 years of experience, we are known everywhere for our unshakeable commitment to the dignity of people.

CARE works in 100 countries to save lives, defeat poverty, and achieve social justice. CARE seeks a world of hope, inclusion, and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live with dignity and security.

CARE puts women and girls in the center because we all know that we cannot overcome poverty until all people have equal rights and opportunities. CARE’s works across four sectors – Disaster Response, Food and Nutrition, Health, and Education and Work, continuously honing evidence-based strategies to increasingly influence change beyond the communities where we and our partners work directly. Part of CARE’s 2030 Agenda is to support social movements, including Made By Women.

Another Tomorrow supports CARE’s Made by Women Program. CARE has the ambitious goal of economically empowering 8 million women garment workers through dignified work by 2021. The garment industry is an important employer in Asia and around the world, but women workers are disproportionately represented in the most vulnerable, marginalized, low paid and impoverished forms of work in the industry.

CARE has been working with the garment industry for more than 20 years and we have already had a positive impact on the lives of tens of thousands of workers. By promoting improved practices in global supply chains, strengthening women’s leadership and working with governments to promote public policies which will positively impact workers, CARE aims to support meaningful change across the garment industry in Asia. They do this by engaging with workers and worker organizations, factories, brands, industry associations, governments and civil society partners in Asia, and we are increasingly working in new sourcing countries such as Ethiopia. They want to ensure workers’ rights are protected so they are safe from violence and exploitation. They want to support women to voice their concerns and work together to access their rights at work. They want supply chains to be more ethical and transparent so all workers within them are respected and protected.