In the fast-paced chaos of modern life, the Spring 2024 collection embraces the idea of slowing down and creating luxurious moments amidst city living.

Drawing inspiration from the spacious and elegantly restrained industrial loft apartments of 1980s New York City, the collection envisions homes as personal temples of expansiveness in a city that often pressures us to contract. The International Book of Lofts, published in 1986, serves as a cornerstone, influencing precise designs and restrained decoration.

The clothing selection for Spring 2024 mirrors unpretentious elegance, with each piece designed to be inviting and easy on the body while maintaining a sense of intentionality. The collection features water-resistant, recycled nylon parkas, soft and unstructured suiting, and a variety of custom sustainable fabric debuts.

Emphasizing a neutral palette with pops of vibrant colors, the collection seeks to offer garments that serve as investments in a lasting wardrobe, providing grounding fixtures in the ever-changing landscape of our lives.

Creative Director | Elizabeth Giardina
Photographer | Stefano Ortega
HMU | Akihisa Yamaguchi
Talent | Malgosia Bela
Stylist | Roxane Danset