Take Action Now! 

Help pass New York’s Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act (also known as The FASHION Act) to ensure fashion companies are held accountable to the planet and its people, helping drive global change to the industry. 

Head to The Fashion Act Page where you can: 

  • Easily sign your name and email address to support the Act. 
  • Be given suggested text to share on social media. 
  • Contact your legislative representative in just a few clicks. (Must live in NY). 

The Facts: 

Fashion is one of the least regulated industries globally. It is a major polluter, known for operating with toxic chemicals, and a leading industry of modern day slavery. 

It is a climate change contributor.  It is responsible for between 4 and 8.6% of the world’s global greenhouse gas footprint –– 6x more than New York, and more than France, Germany and the United Kingdom combined.

Chemical abuse is a regular occurrence. Poor chemical stewardship in global fashion production results in toxic waste in waterways, poor health for textile workers and surrounding communities, and negative consequences for those purchasing and wearing clothing.

It is heavily reliant on labor exploitation.  Clothing is heavily dependent on labor – people – to produce. As the industry races towards cheaper labor, there is a heavy reliance on underpaid and mistreated workers in the global south. 

The Act: 

The Act would cover any apparel or footwear company doing business in New York that has annual global revenue of $100 million.

It will mandate them to: 

  • Know and disclose their supply chains.
  • Set and achieve climate reductions in line with the Paris Agreement. 
  • Work with their suppliers to effectively manage chemical use so they don’t create black or dead rivers. 
  • Measurably improve the lives of garment workers.

Companies who are found out of compliance and do not remedy within 3 months of notice may be fined up to 2% of annual revenues.