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Celebrating B Corp Month

What it Means and Why it Matters to Us

"B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy." - B Lab

March is B Corp month, a time to celebrate and reinforce our commitment to the accountability and community that the B Corp organization brings to a new kind of capitalism that prioritizes both economics and impact 

We cherish our status as a B Corp, and hope that speaking more about this important undertaking will encourage other companies across industries to join us in this movement. We also hope it will help inspire our customers to show their support for other B Corps, as you play a crucial role in creating a paradigm shift in this and every industry. 

What are Certified B Corporations?

"B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy." - B Lab

Becoming a B Corporation involves one of the most rigorous certification processes across social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. Each participating company commits to meeting the highest standards of verification in all of these areas to balance profit and purpose. To use B Lab’s own words, #WeGoBeyond

Why did Another Tomorrow become a B Corporation?

At Another Tomorrow, we began the process of becoming a B Corp before we launched as we believe in structures that create both accountability and alignment across internal and external practices, which has become all the more crucial at a time when words like “sustainability” lack specificity and meaning. 

Rigorous sustainability standards that prioritize Animal, Human, and Environmental welfare have been part of our DNA since day 1. As such, we felt the B Corp process would reinforce our strengths - regenerative agriculture, supply-chain transparency, living wage manufacturing, deep commitment to animal welfare, and stringent chemical management - and reveal ways we could do even better for our industry, planet, and local community. 

Furthermore, with our industry having no overarching governing authority, we felt that fashion was in particular need of example setting leadership. B Corp, Climate Neutral, and participation in Open Supply Hub among other multi stakeholder organizations allows for some element of  “self-regulation” amid an industry with few watchdogs, and in dire need of change.

The fashion industry generates more CO2 than the aviation and shipping industries combined, and discards 92 million tons of clothing waste each year*. Statistics like these remind us why we continue to innovate ways to reduce our impact even further, such as introducing methods like our Authenticated Resale program. Creating a more circular system for fashion is the only way forward, and the standards laid out by B Corp are important guides toward a better future. 

Why support B Corporations in your purchases?

The strict standards required for this certification mean that when you support a verified B Corp, you can be confident that you are supporting a business that aligns with the values of accountability and excellent environmental stewardship. Additionally, your support for B Corps rewards the businesses doing the work, and acts as a signal to others that it matters.

While B Corp was always a core part of our founding principles and an architecture for accountability, it is an incredible tool for any company to channel positive intention into action. We encourage every brand with aligned ambitions to just get started.

*Source: Mulhern, Owen. 'The 10 Essential Fast Fashion Statistics'.

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