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Renewed Denim

Repurposing quality denim, we’ve put our own spin on archival Levi’s.

Starting with a small set of the best vintage Levi’s jeans we could find, we’ve created a special upcycled collection that is sure to become your favorite pair. With so many great quality vintage jeans out there to source from, we opted to upcycled existing stock, rather than source and produce new denim. Denim production is notorious for its water footprint. By upcycling, we repurposed and renewed existing quality product to give it a new life.

Why we choose Upcycled Denim

  • Producing one NEW pair of Levi jeans requires a staggering 3781 litres of water

  • We found one of the world’s best collectors of vintage denim and worked with their sample maker to develop this collection.

  • All of the denim in the collection is pulled from the 80-early 90’s

  • Each pair is custom, made in the USA and 100% cotton. While we chose similar styles, each piece is unique with custom alterations.

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