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Organic Linen

Already a low impact fiber, by choosing organic we avoid chemicals as well

Conventional linen is heralded by many as a natural fabric, with low impact and no additional irrigation needed to grow. Despite this, we choose organically grown flax to further ensure no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used.


Why We Choose Organic Linen

  • A special feature of the soil in the Normandy region of France where our supplier Libeco grows its organic flax is that it stores water in the clay stratum. Results show that organic flax copes better than conventional in dry periods because it has very deep roots. 1

  • The delicate retting phase (the material operation by which the fiber is detached from the stalk) is generally easier with organic flax than in conventionally cultivated flax because no chemical products have been used during growing. 2

  • Farmers report an increase in biodiversity, e.g. more bees, on flax fields farmed organically. 3

  • Flax follows a long cycle of crop rotation (6-7 years) which increases crop biodiversity and prevents diseases. It is also a carbon sink that holds 3.7 tons of CO2 per hectare. 4

  • For some crops, organic yields are lower than in conventional agriculture. For flax, they are practically identical.5

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