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We avoid oil-derived synthetics, reserving their use for technical necessity only

Oil-derived synthetics like polyester have become a dominant part of wardrobes worldwide, but at a huge environmental cost. Not only does the production of a polyester shirt have double the impact of a cotton shirt 1, it continues to harm the environment, as it sheds microplastics with every wash.

Why We Choose Not To Use Polyester

  • According to a study by IUCN, clothes and textiles are the number one source of primary microplastic to the oceans, accounting for around 35% of the global total. 2

  • Most polyesters are not biodegradable, meaning it can take anywhere between 20 and 200 years for polyester products to decompose. 3

  • Clothing made principally from polyester is also less enjoyable to wear. The material doesn’t breathe in the same way that naturally-derived materials like cotton and linen do. Put simply: you’ll sweat more.





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